Coastal Architecture

Beautiful, functional homes that make the very most of coastal living.

With a focus on energy efficiency and sustainable, durable materials, our contemporary designs are tailored to suit each client’s unique lifestyle. Designed by award winning architect Jeff Clarke, Coastal Architecture homes both respect and complement the stunning NSW Coast.


We are passionate about designing individual coastal homes where you can relax and connect with the coastal environment

Coastal living offers unique opportunities and also poses unique challenges with regards building design and materials. Our wealth of experience has equipped us with the know-how to design outstanding properties that make the most of the natural surrounds, whilst also standing up to the rigours of the elements.

Whatever your needs, from beach houses to town houses, we can design homes that meet your unique requirements and assist you every step of the way, from initial consultation to building completion. 


Relax and connect with the coastal environment

The NSW Coast is a spectacular address to call home, so you want to live in a building that does your location justice while also catering to your individual lifestyle requirements.

Whether you surf or sail, ocean swim or take beach walks with the dog, your home should facilitate the way you interact with your natural surrounds.

From the smart design to the hardy, sustainable materials used in construction, Coastal Architecture designed-homes allow you to relax in highly personalised living spaces that effortlessly connect you with your environment.


We can assist with every stage of realising your dream home by the ocean.


After meeting you and your family to establish your lifestyle, needs and wants, we will collaborate with you to design the home you’ve been dreaming of.

Plan preparation

Once a design has been settled upon, we proceed to the highly detailed stage of preparing the exact building plans and specifications for your new home.

Council submission

Dealing with legislation and FINE FORM processes is nobody’s idea of fun, so leave it to us. Our experience will make the process as fast and painless as possible.


If you need more space, or redesigned living areas in your current home, we can extend and reconfigure it to meet your changing needs.

Consult & Collaborate

We can connect and work with local builders, engineers and other trade professionals to ensure the highest quality realisation of your Coastal Architecture design.

Interior design

When construction wraps, we can connect you with interior designers specialising in coastal style and décor to help put the finishing touches to your new home.


From award-winning beach houses to contemporary apartments, we create distinctive homes to suit clients from all walks of life.




Specially picked materials that are durable and low maintenance

Coastal conditions can place unique pressures on building materials, so it is important to design new residences with this consideration in mind. At Coastal Architecture we have the know-how to design homes that make the most of the natural environment while withstanding the rigours of both the elements and the practical realities of coastal living.

From the salt air, to surf boards and sandy paws, our buildings are designed to handle what you and your family’s lifestyle throws at them. By using high quality, long-lasting materials that require minimal maintenance, we deliver homes to be lived in, not just looked at.



Cronulla white house